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Slide LudwigLab Biocatalysis & Biosensing Research Group

INDOX - Oxidoreduktasen für Biotransformationen mittleren und großen Maßstabs


Logo Seventh Framework

Duration:   2013-2016


The required complementariness has been ensured by combining enzymologists, molecular biologists, genomic specialists, chemists, biophysicists, enzyme and process engineers, among the research/academic partners, together with specialized SMEs in the areas of fungal enzymes, computation, biotechnological processes, enzyme immobilization, industrial dyes, and chiral chemicals as API precursors. Two large companies producing enzymes (biotechnology sector) and willing to introduce them in medium-large-scale industrial processes of the chemical sector complete the INDOX consortium.

This multidisciplinary consortium works together in INDOX to provide a wide repertoire of selected oxidoreductases with optimized catalytic and operational properties for different industrial reaction types, as well as to show the techno-economic advantages of the enzymatic biotransformations by presenting relevant case stories to the chemical sector.