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Slide LudwigLab Biocatalysis & Biosensing Research Group

We are fascinated by oxidoreductases. We love fancy enzymes, colorful cofactors, spectacular electron transfer events and complex catalytic mechanisms. To pursue our goals we work together with wonderful collaborators – experts in their fields – and enjoy the many facets of nature. We believe in hard work and strict science, we share our results with collaborators,and we work as a team and have fun. We are committed to our scientific home – BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna – and our funding agencies to

reach their goals: to improve science and our society.

The working group Biocatalysis and Biosensors studies everything that interests us: fungi, enzymes, screening techniques, homologous and heterologous protein expression, protein purification, biochemical characterization of enzymes, steady-state kinetics, transient kinetics, electrochemical methods, enzyme applications in biocatalytic processes, process development, and enzyme applications in biosensors and biofuel cells.