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Slide LudwigLab Biocatalysis & Biosensing Research Group

Protein Purification Laboratory

After cell disruption and/or centrifugation of the culture medium the expressed proteins are ready for purification. Enzyme characterization critically depends on a homogeneously purified protein preparation, which is achieved by a combination of various techniques. The laboratory is equipped for cross-flow filtration, ultracentrifugation and column chromatography using 1- to 10000-mL columns.

2 ÄKTA go Protein Purification Systems
ÄKTA explorer Protein Purification System
ÄKTA pure Protein Purification System
KrosFlo Research IIi Tangential Flow Filtration System
Thermo Scientific Savant SPD131DDA SpeedVac Concentrator
Eppendorf Centrifuge 5804 R
Beckman Coulter Avanti J-26 XP High-Performance Centrifuge
Beckman L70 Ultracentrifuge