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Slide LudwigLab Biocatalysis & Biosensing Research Group

Microbiology Laboratory

Different microorganisms are inoculated and cultivated in this room. Bacteria, fungi and yeasts are grown on Petri dishes, in Roux bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks, or baffled flasks up to 1 L. The laboratory is equipped to prepare culture media, autoclave them and finally grow the inoculated flasks in horizontal shaking incubators. Promising enzyme variants are found by fast screening using a plate reader. Successful clones are produced on a larger scale in the fermentation lab.

3 Thermo Scientific Varioklav Classic Autoclaves
Advantage Lab Fully Automatic Horizontal Autoclave
Mettler Toledo FiveEasy pH/mV Bench Meter
Thermo Scientific Orion 4-Star pH/ISE Bench Meter
2 Thermo Scientific Safe 2020 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets
4 Infors HT Incubator Shakers
Perkin Elmer EnSpire Multimode Plate Reader